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About No Limit Kiteboarding

Launched in 2014, No Limit Kiteboarding is taking over where Kitesurfari left off, as Southern California's fastest and most reliable supplier of kiteboarding gear. Rob Hamilton brings years of experience working in the industry to provide both expertise and low prices to all of No Limit's customers. He's ready to answer all of your questions and to get your gear for you at bottom prices. Before you buy anywhere else, talk to Rob first, give him a chance to get you the best deal possible.

Robert Hamilton is one of the founders of No Limit Kiteboarding and has been in the kiteboarding business for over 8 years. In this time he has built great relationships with all the major vendors and the kiteboarding community. Our goal at No Limit Kiteboarding is to provide the highest quality gear, safety and fun. I'd like to thank everyone for there support and give a special thanks to the No Limit Kiteboarding family Dan Torres, Jesse McCourt, Carter Thomas, Brian Kender, Bart Gaska, Al Shuton and the Noblett Family!!!